My Double, My Brother

Infinite Line EP

Written by: HES on 01/08/2014 15:54:52

My Double, My brother is an up and coming indie/folk band from Southern California. The band is surfing the wave of recent folksy hit-makers like Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and Arcade Fire - and surfing it well. "Infinite Line EP" is a well-written, charming little collection of songs.

Joel Hasemeyer’s glottal vocals overwhelmingly characterize the band's sound in combination with guitarist Andy Leong's high-pitched guitar which soars in light motifs in the background. The first song of the album "I'll die" sports repetitive riffs that are almost reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Clubs meditative style. Charming country elements are also detectable in the "uh huh"-chants of "The Resolve".

Most of the songs are in the quieter end of the tempo-spectrum, but this is gradually made up for in the swinging, drum-driven "Ghost". The momentum is driven forward by odd echo-sounding drums, clocks and horns - the composition almost as quirky as done by Death Cab for Cutie on "Transatlanticism". The oddity in this case makes this band worth watching in a crowded genre and I hope the band will explore this "spaced out" sound more on further releases.

The band unfortunately include a remix as the last track on the EP. Now only very few bands are able to make indie danceable by throwing a throbbing beat in the background - I think "Always Like This" (by before-mentioned Bombay Bicycle Club) in it's Lee Mortimer Remix is the only real success I can think of at the top of my head. And as expected it doesn't work for My Double, My Brother, although I do appreciate some not-all-bad synths around the crescendo. Overall this drags the otherwise splendidly crafted atmosphere of the EP down.

Download: Ghost, I'll Die, The Resolve
For the fans of: Bombay Bicycle Club, Death Cab For Cutie, Lumineers
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Release date 15.07.2014

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