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Last One Standing

Written by: PP on 14/07/2014 23:39:52

Remember the mid 2000s emotive alternative rock sound that seemed to be everywhere, only to disappear almost without a trace as we hit the 2010s? I'm of course talking of emo rock in the vein of Anberlin and Armor For Sleep, which fell out of fashion as emo bands started looking back to the genre's roots rather than the theatrical and dramatic arrangements of the latter two bands. If you've been missing that sound, I Divide provide a good argument against anyone saying the genre is dead with their debut album "Last One Standing".

Relying on precisely the same elements and dynamics as the aforementioned bands, this Exeter, UK bunch is a guarantee for huge, anthemic choruses and a bit of post-hardcore guitar work in the mix on virtually every song throughout the record. High-pitch, emotionally charged vocals are delivered powerfully and with conviction that makes them sound believable, even though the sound otherwise is a little bit dated. The opening three songs "Follow Me", "Tell Me Something" and "I'm Not Leaving" all deliver the crunchy alternative rock meets emo expression just like you remember Anberlin on their highlight tracks (think "Feel Good Drag" etc), but really, it doesn't stop there. Every song has a massive chorus hook and is delivered with energy, with only a track or two dragging behind in terms of tempo or guitar dynamics.

Granted, it can get a little tiring across eleven tracks especially with the vocals being a little bit on the whiny side as they are, but individually the tracks suggest that I Divide is the real deal. The emotive rock they offer on "Last One Standing" is perfectly capable of contesting against their American counterparts. Hooks, catchy choruses, emotionally charged vocals... what's not to like? It's been a while since I've heard a record this good in this genre.

Download: Follow Me, I'm Not Leaving, Monster In Me, Cold At The Bottom
For the fans of: Anberlin, Armor For Sleep, Conditions, Yashin, The Audition, Unifier
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Release date 14.04.2014
Destroy Everything Records

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