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Written by: BL on 01/07/2014 00:04:03

Forget Tomorrow continues the inevitable conveyor belt of bands looking to cash in on what's currently hot in the underground. The flavour these few months has been metalcore meets pop popularised of late given the recent success of acts like Issues. Their EP "Identity" is rather ironically named considering that it's difficult at this early point in the band's life to think of what makes their identity really their own.

Fortunately for the band, their prospects of lasting beyond mere months from now is helped by their singer Avery Taylor who can really shine through what is essentially cookie cutter material to the extreme. Needlessly inserted panic chords and easily predictable breakdowns are the height of the problem with the songwriting when you start with otherwise passable entries in "The Movement" and "Frenemy". There are some momentary brilliance amongst the incessantly mundane here when the clean vocals take prime position, and it's a real shame that melodies and choruses so catchy are polluted by heavy chugging sections that offer little new experience.

Time and time again "Identity" struggles to escape that forced and routine aesthetic that this kind of metalcore has to abide by for the lowest common denominator audience. Such is the detrimental effect on what would have been anthemic tracks in "It's Not Me, It's You" and "Lincoln Street" that it's infuriating when the band shows enough potential otherwise. Then there's the rather juvenile lyrics that spoils the energetic chorus on a song like "Never Again" - "It's your fault that I'm so fucked up, It's your fault that I'm so fucked up" - Really? Is that the best you can come up with?

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Release date 20.05.2014

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