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Lovers & Fighters EP

Written by: HES on 30/05/2014 12:54:03

"Fighters and Lovers" is Newcastle-based Boy Jumps Ship's third EP and based on the reception of their "Engine EP", receiving promising grading by both Kerrang! and Rocksound, this band has been on my radar for a while. It doesn't exactly hurt that the band has been bracketed with acts like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and We Are The Ocean. So the question now is whether the five songs included on this EP can convince me as they have others.

I won't keep you in suspense all that long. The answer is "yes they can". "Fighters And Lovers" is an energetic, positively angled piece of musical sunshine. The composition is basic, punkish but with a few experimental notes that lifts the EP above your average listen. The rhythmic dynamic of "Start A Riot (Sick of Trying)" plays with some staccato-parts, but is otherwise convincingly classic - almost reminiscent of a lighter, more uplifted edition of Box Car Racer. We're not robbed of good melodic hooks either, like the chorus of "Make You Proud" which is further enhanced by a cappella yelling choirs. The EP overall is just the right amount of catchy: Not boring upon fifth listen, but clearly sing-along material already then. What is lacking a bit in inspiration and creativity is made up for by an overwhelming amount of great energy and craftsmanship. "Fighters and Lovers" is a perfect soundtrack to a reckless summer including sunny road trips and skinny dipping by moonlight. It’s simplicity at its best.


Download: Start A Riot (Sick of Trying), Make You Proud, Still Alive
For The Fans Of: The Gaslight Anthem, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Water Music
Listen: iTunes

Release date 02.06.2014
Rude Records

Note: This song is not from the EP as it has not yet been released

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