Tibi Et Igni

Written by: MST on 30/05/2014 11:53:39

Formed all the way back in 1983, the Polish death metal legends in Vader were effectively among the first to dabble in what would later become one of the most popular subgenres in the world of metal. Over 30 years later Vader are still going strong, and they return this year with "Tibi Et Igni", their 11th full length album as the follow-up to 2011's "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". As I mentioned in my review of their last album, Vader are hardly the type of band to experiment with the sound that everyone loves them for, but in order to continue writing the same music for decades Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek and co. need to continue consistently writing quality material. They've done so for many years now, so the question is: how long can they continue?

Essentially, everything is as expected with "Tibi Et Igni", which roughly translates to "To The Fire". Vader's trademark style of death metal is often quite thrashy in the slower and mid-tempo sections before heading into blasting territory, with blazing riffs, solos and Piotr's unique coarse, shouty growls with screamed vocals interspersed between them. Songs like album opener "Go To Hell", while a bit on the safe side, showcase the classic, energetic Vader sound that ticks every mark required: catchy vocal lines, great riffs that tickle the muscles at the back of your neck, and solos to back it all up. After the opener, you expect the rest of the album to continue in the same vein - not only in style, but in terms of quality as well.

Surprisingly, that is not the case on "Tibi Et Igni". In fact, it takes seven (more or less) disappointing tracks before "Light Reaper" reminds us why Vader is an institution in the death metal world. The thrashy track is incredibly energetic, and the main riffs are simply perfect for the song. Following the best track of the album is one of the cheesiest songs that Vader have ever written, the terrible album closer "The End". As the song slowly ends the album with spoken word vocals, cheesy lyrics and boring riffs, I wonder what went wrong with Vader's song writing on "Tibi Et Igni". The album is basically filled with mediocre material; sure, "Abandon All Hope" was reasonably good, and "The Eye of the Abyss" had a good solo, but overall there is very little to get excited about with this album. As a big fan of many of Vader's later albums, "Tibi Et Igni" is a a big disappointment, especially since it's clear when listening to the tracks that stand out that Vader still have the will and the ability to write good songs. The problem is settling for "good" when they could aim for greatness.


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Release date 30.05.2014
Nuclear Blast Records

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