This Is Deadheads First Album (It Contains Electric Guitars)

Written by: BW on 28/05/2014 00:21:50

If you ever want a challenge in this world then may I suggest trying to review this album? It has certainly not been easy to get the debut album from Swedish rockers, The Deadheads, but I’ve FINALLY managed to get a proper listen to it and as much as I’d like to delay what I think about it til later on in the review, I can’t. I’m not embarrassed to say this right now…


There, I’ve said it. All I can say is, get on a fresh set of underpants, press play and get ready for a complete whistle-stop ride from first minute to last, as this chugs along at 100 miles an hour and just does not stop. ”Baby Blues” is a cracking start and sets the scene for the whole album. The pace is relentless, but in amongst it all you can sense just how tight the band are and it filters through the instruments, as well as the singing. There is a slight hint of dirty styled rawness about them and I love that. It is just so much of an ‘in your face’ feel that you just need to sit up and take notice. The main song, as well as my favourite off this album, is “My Demons” and it just reeks of amazing. The tempo is spot on, the chorus is catchy enough and everything in between just resonates so well. You can’t help but tap some part of your body to it, as it is so catchy.

If there is one gripe I have with the album though, it would be that some of the songs, although really good, simply do not last long enough for me to think of them as songs in the truest sense of the word. A couple of them don’t even last two minutes, which is so annoying, as you begin to reach the territory of music where you just get really into a track when it just finishes so fast. “Freak Out” is one such song and it is an absolute ripsnorter of a tune and has that fast a tempo you would think it could burst a blood vessel for trying too hard.

“Ghost” is a bit more like the length I’m used to from a song, but it still doesn’t relinquish the pace any, although there is a softer spot about three quarters of the way through for about 20 seconds. It’s almost like one of those water breaks when you see people running marathons. The Deadheads know just how far they can push you before you need to have a little break to get prepared for the next attack on the senses.

Every track is like this, with the exception of the six minute track “Venom” which is a welcome change and shows that they can manage the more epic length of song as well as the intensity throughout the rest of this album. There is such a high quality vibe about all of these songs that you cannot help but be impressed with what is offered and as a proper rock and roll inducing record it delivers on more or less every level. I would be lying if some songs don’t stand out more than others, but as a full body of work this is an incredibly impressive first outing for this Scandinavian four piece.

I do get excitable when fresh stuff rears its head these days, but it takes something a bit more special to make me grin from ear to ear the moment I hear it, but this has delivered in spades. I was apprehensive on the initial listen, but not now. I think the phrase “The best things come to those who wait” would be incredibly apt in this instance because we did have to wait to get our mitts on it, but by God was it worth it. I have no problem recommending this album without hesitation and I’ll tell you something else. If I could get away with putting the same artist on the Rockfreaks playlist more than once, I would... Trust me.


Download: Freak Out, Ghosts, My Demons, Deadheads
For The Fans Of: The Hives, White Stripes

Release date 10.05.2014
Self Released

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