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Written by: HES on 05/05/2014 20:24:03

Harmonics EP is a funny mix, two songs are in Danish, two songs are English – all of it is extremely well-written. Despite the language split, the band still manages to create a red thread or clear musical profile through-out the entirety of the EP. Although the band cites a mixture of Kashmir and Beatles as their inspiration and although I hear both references on Harmonics EP – the band swerves in and out of different genres, but keeping the consistency of well-done retro-rock. "Reflections of a Man" almost has a vibe of folk, with a sweet effect of guitar mimicking the verse lines, telling an almost country-narrative of a man's life story. "Byens Lys" is reminiscent of Ulige Numre's recent success with Copenhagen-nostalgia, but with a welcomed twist of an electronica-sounding guitar-riff. "Kæmper I Fred" lives up to its name ("Fighting in Peace") with a 70's charm to it by added tambourines and soaring hi-hat beats. On this song in particular Søren Manscher on vocals gets to show us a wide range of emotions.

All four songs on the EP are well-written and very catchy. It's understandable that Harmonics has been chosen to warm up for other P3-segment bands like Turboweekend and The Eclectic Moniker as the mix of pop and rock has always been a good strategy to get airplay on Danish radio-stations. I do prefer the directness of the Danish numbers though - During the 90's many Danish bands decided to leave the Danish language as their lyrical language, but recently we've seen a new flourish in bands using Danish again like Ulige Numre, The Minds of 99 and Den Fjerde Væg. I'd love to hear Harmonics do either a full Danish EP or even a full LP in Danish, but whatever Harmonics decide to do in the future, it is clear that they have great potential lyrically, melodically and instrumentally.

Download: Byens Lys, Reflections of a Man, Kæmper I Fred
For The Fans Of: Ulige Numre, Minds of 99, Folkeklubben
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Release date 25.01.2014

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