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Den Of Thieves

Written by: TL on 18/06/2007 00:24:34

In contrast to what I look like, not many things in this world succeed in putting me in an 'emo' mood. "Den Of Thieves", the new record from the conquerors of the Canadian mainstream The Trews however, makes me want to crawl up in a corner and cut deep wounds in various parts of my body. I know I'm probably going to take a beating from this because I'm going against pretty much every other review there has been of this cd, but newsflash people it is HORRIBLE and I am willing to take the whipping it will cost me to say so.

Try to picture to yourself the most tired and cliché-filled attempt at a rock'n'roll band you can possibly imagine. That's how The Trews sound to me. Sounding like a severely watered down cocktail of Foo Fighters and Aerosmith with dashes of country added for extra flavor isn't that bad of an idea to begin with, but when you sound as completely and utterly uninspired as these guys do, I guess you could have sounded like Tool and still sucked. The Trews write songs based on semi-groovy guitar riffs and song structures more washed out than jeans on a grunge-person, and their vocalist, while technically skilled enough, sounds like he's flat out dead inside. Their lyrics are uninspiring and the way their hooks are constructed have been heard a thousand times and places before.

Ladies and gentlemen, to save time, let me just say it out loud; What we have on our hands here is a record that will only sound interesting to a person who occasionally casually listens to rock music. You know, the kind of people who simply looooove to listen to bands like Staind and Hinder. I however never listen to anything casually, as good music deserves my attention and my limited time-schedule deserves good music. That is why this album is quite simply my nemesis. It is mind numbingly boring in every aspect it contains, and listening to it makes me feel Linkin Park's latest release was good, effectively creating a chance that I might actually go ahead and waste some of said time on it.

And no, it is not the style that bothers me, because in glimpses the band sounds like something Ryan Adams did on "Rock'n'Roll" or the Danes in The Blue Van are continually doing, only polished into mainstream-monstrosity and completely deprived of soul. I could go on like this, but honestly, I think you got my point when I said I'd rather listen to Linkin Park.


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Release Date 27.04.2007
The Burnstead Recording Company
Provided by Target ApS

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