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Written by: BW on 27/04/2014 20:56:21

Superdirt are about to release their second album “Rock And Roll Train” on May second and it’s noticeable that the four piece band from Denmark has been getting some big followers, including Michael Denner from Mercyful Fate and King Diamond fame, so much so that he plays a guest guitar solo on the title track. How does the rest of the EP stand up?

I can tell you now that the other parts of the EP have a lot to live up to, as the title track is proper rock and roll. The video is already out there and it is a toe tapper of a tune. It feels right, sounds tight and even has the obligatory anthem styled shouty bits for the audience. One for the festivals I think.

The rest of the album is interesting enough also. If you read my review of Steel Panther, then you’ll know I suggested that if they were to write a normal album then it would be pretty decent. What Superdirt have done is prove this theory to be totally correct. “Shout” is a barnstorming little track and has a high tempo, which is always what you want for a catchy song. The good thing this time is that the offensive language parts aren’t in your face and are for a totally different reason than procreation. Hell, I have to commend a band that can use the word WANKER in a song. It is fun and also gives out that little middle riff that the style cries for.

As for the rest of the EP, it handles itself ok, but not perfectly. “Blood on Your Hands” delivers some slappy bass to bring you in, but compared to the other songs, it is probably the weakest of the lot, as the first part loses the emotion that the latter stages try to bring back, resulting in a first track that tries, but doesn’t quite hit the mark.

“Heroes” is a bit better, as it hits the ground running in a proper rock and roll style. It splits up the beats enough to keep things fun and does have a chorus that is nice and simple for drunk party goers to sing to and as a whole unit it does what you’d like it to. “Horsing Around” moves more towards the smoother headbanging speed, but the speed kind of acts as a hindrance. It feels like it never gets off the ground and there is a distinct feeling of filler by the time you get to the slow double kicks. By that time it is too late for a comeback on the song.

The only other song on the EP is “I” and it may well be one of the slowest of the album, but what makes it an interesting song is the nice selection of chord choice on the track itself. It’s just enough to make it good to listen to and not something you would scrunch your face up at.

Bearing in mind that it’s an EP, you can forgive it a little due to the fact it will be aimed with a smaller price point than a full album, so I won’t be too critical on the weaker tracks. Saying that, I’d suggest that the big hitters Superdirt HAVE done make this worth grabbing anyway. It shows the potential that is on the way from these Danish rockers and I think that the next album, if done right, could be a project to look out for. This is fine to tide you over, but just be careful about wearing out certain parts of the album more than others. It could be a little better, but it is good as it is and at least worth a listen.


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Release date 02.05.2014
Self Released Album

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