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Forming Opinions

Written by: HES on 01/04/2014 17:53:10

Jackson, Tennessee-based Pseudo shark was formed in 2011 but only just recently released their first EP "Forming Opinions" - yet it would seem like the band used their time wisely in-between formation and release: The debut is more than you would expect of such a young band, but also helped along the way by excellent recording and mixing.

The opener "Away" is a mixture of soft drops of sunshine sprinkled upon a musty ambiance of bassy mumbles. “Forming Opinions” will not rock your world in the sense of adding energy by tempo. The songs of the EP are predominantly quiet and introvert, but there is a beauty to the shyness that lets you slowly into the musical universe. The opening bass line of "Crowded Room" sets a depressed setting for the ballad-like stylings of front-man Aaron Parke but is again broken up by lighter waves of bright guitars. The EP also uses a lot of folksy songwriting tricks and "Crowded Room" even ventures into a rhythm-driven, traditional bridge-piece that could've easily been played on banjo, flute or other traditional instruments. The difference is that it is played on your regular old rock-instruments and this juxtaposition between new and old is both convincing and charming.

If I had to hold something against Pseudo Shark, it would be that the EP is rather short; only four songs are included. But the band still manages to present a distinct style and expression that leaves you interested and engaged. The lyrics of the album are a bit colored by the faith and religion, however, this is actually not a particularly overwhelming or un-interesting factor. Usually I am inclined to be a bit prejudiced towards "Christian Rock" but some bands just transcend this fact by not relying on faith to carry them through, yet using no energy on concealing the fact that the authors of the lyrics are Christians. Overall the EP sends a lot of good, uniform signals in regards to giving us a taste of what a full-length Pseudo Shark album would sound like, but I wish there’d been just a bit more to base this projection on.

Download: Saturday Song, Away, Crowded Room
For The Fans Of: Foals, Jimmy Eat World, Dog Is Dead

Release date 09.09.2013

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