Part 2: The Inferno EP

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Apparitions exploded into the post-hardcore scene with a brilliant debut album "Kiss Me Sleeping" last year, and have tried to keep the momentum going ever since by releasing an acoustic EP late last year, and are now following it up with a new six track EP called "Part 2: The Inferno". Instrumentally the band doesn't differ much from modern post-hardcore bands given their humongous breakdowns, a slightly compressed guitar sound, and embedded electronics within, but they have one key strength that has continuously elevated them above most of their contemporaries, which also holds true on this EP: their clean vocalist.

His croons are of course pure Anthony Green worship from his work in Saosin and Circa Survive, with a few hints towards other Green worshippers in Emarosa and Sleeping With Sirens, but that's not an issue because very, very few vocalist can sing at a pitch as high as this guy. His arrival in the midst of the otherwise aggressive and thick screams on "Where My Body Lies" is breathtaking as he re-defines the meaning of flying high in a soundscape. Where most high pitch vocalists land some fairly high notes from time to time, this guy is literally an octave above everyone else, which is one of the reasons why Anthony Green became such a fan and critically acclaimed vocalist in his time. "Picnic Basket Full Of Hand Grenades" continues along the same lines, and even though they are toned down a notch on "Enmity Affliction", they still continue to impress.

The thing is, the rest of the band is simply a vehicle for the clean vocals. Yes, there are occasional strong instrumental dynamics as well, where technical leads offer contrast to the chug-chug breakdowns while background electronics give the songs a dramatic soundscape overall, but you're always just waiting for the infectiously catchy clean vocal chorus instead of looking forward to the screamed bits. These aren't bad either, per se, but the pop oriented chorus work is simply fantastic throughout the record so it's no wonder it is the carrying force of the EP. Either way, when you put together the harsh/clean dynamic, the end result is another convincing release that's going to put Apparitions on the post-hardcore map once and for good. One of the band's to watch in 2014.


Download: Where My Body Lies, Picnic Basket Full Of Hand Grenades
For the fans of: Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens, Saosin, Emarosa
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Release date 18.03.2014
Infamous Empire

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