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Thy Will

Written by: PP on 31/03/2014 22:02:44

If you've ever wanted to hear Boysetsfire vocalist Nathan Gray scream like the new Gallows vocalist Wade MacNeil (ex-Alexisonfire), then here's your chance. I Am Heresy is his new project, which includes his son Simon Gray on guitar. They released a self-titled debut album last year, and only one year later, they're back with their sophomore album "Thy Will".

"Thy Will" is basically how Boysetsfire would sound like if they played vicious hardcore. "March Of The Black Earth", the best song on the record, might have you fooled otherwise with its layered clean vocal melodies that recall "After The Eulogy" or "Tomorrow Come Today" material by the band, but for the most part it just sounds like a hardcore oriented version of Boysetsfire that draws from the murkiest and noisiest corners of the genre. There's a blackened vibe to the record just like with modern Gallows, with breakneck speed tempo and D-beat rhythms setting the tone of the record. It's fiery, ferocious, and uncompromising, even though it's still very clearly Boysetsfire-esque thanks to Gray's unmistakable vocal work. Sure, he screams more than in the past, but we've all heard "The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years", so it's not like we haven't heard him full-throttle before. Yes, the songs are arguably heavier and more hardcore punk oriented here, but in this scribe's opinion they don't do quite enough to fully shed the 'heavier Boysetsfire' feeling that resonates in your head throughout the record. Going all out Converge / Every Time I Die style could've been an option; instead a more melodic approach has been chosen. It is these melodies - especially in the vocal department - that relinquish their identity and blur it together with Gray's main band.

So with that said, how does it then compare to a Boysetsfire record? I already mentioned that the melody-driven songs are the most interesting ones on the record, but the blackened hardcore tracks seem just like an avenue for Gray to release some aggression rather than well-written hardcore tracks. That post-hardcore and metalcore influences permeate the record just make it a more confusing listen overall, and in the end it just sounds like Gray screaming over some faster songs. I'm not convinced why this should be better or even equivalent to his main band; "Thy Will" certainly isn't.

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Release date 03.03.2014
Century Media

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