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Now THIS is the Hundredth we remember from their first two albums "When Will We Surrender" and "Let Go", so what a difference a year makes. "Revolt" EP from last year was a step away from the uplifting and lingering melodies of those albums, an unnecessary nose dive into the unvaried and predictable world of hardcore, where Chadwick Johnson's charismatic vocals went to waste over hardcore punk style songwriting. It felt more one-dimensional, and it didn't consider the beautiful landscapes created by an interplay between his decipherable, technically proficient screaming style and atmospheric, mid tempo guitars. In the past, these focused on creating epic soundscapes without over-inflating the sound unnecessarily, and the reward was rich and textured soundscapes that challenged and beat the vast majority of their peers in the melodic hardcore scene.

"Resist" EP is basically the polar opposite record from "Revolt". Last month's single "Demons" is the best track on the record, but it also defines what "Resist" is all about. This is a melodic hardcore record with a strong focus on the melody aspect. The guitars linger, fly sky-high, and provide great leads in the background, all the while Johnson delivers some of his best work at the forefront of the soundscape. There are technical displays of brilliance, lingering riffs that lift off at precise moments to create back-chilling soundscapes ("Manifest", for instance), and which provide a near-perfect balance between the heavy rhythm section and the uplifting melodies.

Best of all? The tracks on "Resist" are generally among the catchiest material Hundredth have written. Sure, "Carry On" on "Let Go" was ridiculous and it's unfair to expect everything to be on that level. That said, "Shelter" and "Demons" here certainly give it a run for its money, and fans should be looking forward to the instrumental magnificence of "Manifest" as well. Welcome back, Hundredth, we missed you.


Download: Demons, Shelter, Manifest
For the fans of: The Ghost Inside, For The Fallen Dreams, Counterparts, It Prevails
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Release date 25.03.2014
Mediaskare Records

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