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Sjätte Vansinnet

Written by: JWM on 25/02/2014 23:54:01

When you listen to Swedish based self-described “Alternative-Experimental-Indie-Rock” act Scraps Of Tape and their fifth album “Sjätte Vansinnet” there is an undeniable level of variety present within their work and “Sjätte vansinnet” is indeed a very varied record. From the indie-dance groovy rhythm of opener “We, The Leftheaded” which is reminiscent of Bloc Party, the math rock bounce of “Fuga” and “Vultures With High Heels” and the very melancholic, mid-western 90s revival American emo sound of tracks like “Log Cabin” and “A Neverending”. Their influences spread further with “Among Haters”, which has a powerfully abrasive quality that brings a striking resemblance to the later material of Feeder, and although it is a strong highlight stylistically, the song itself is perhaps too sloppy for longstanding value. The record closes with the common but always welcome post-rock closing of “Alla Utom Jag Måste Dö” (meaning “All Except I Have to Die”) which really showcases the band’s instrumental talent.

So the primary issue posed by this record is how to create a mediated verdict; on one hand you have extraordinary cuts like “We, The Leftheaded”, ”Fuga” and ”Log Cabin”, which offer much to the record’s variety. But then there are significantly weaker moments like ”Hands In Hands” and ”Vultures With High Heels” which aren’t thrilling pieces, particularly the latter which is bogged down by cringingly dramatic gang vocals like a catchier La Dispute. And, rather irritatingly, some of the songs seem to transition between sections quite poorly, showing an negligence to the finer details. But then even looking at the record as a whole, it’s an enjoyable and at the right times an emotional experience in their dynamic play between distortion an twinkling guitar tones.


Download: We, The Leftheaded; Teardrop Fucking Dropkick; Log Cabin; Alla Utom Jag Måste Dö
For The Fans Of: The Get Up Kids; Braid; Enemies
Listen: Scraps Of Tape's Facebook

Release Date 26.02.2014
A Tenderversion Recording

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