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Written by: BW on 04/02/2014 00:59:33

Diamond Youth have released three EPs since forming in 2010, with their last being the catchy ”Orange” in January last year. Nearly a year on and we’re sticking with one-worded record names and moving to ”Shake”, but does this new EP move things in the right direction for the US quartet?

When you listen to them, the first thing that becomes evident is that there is a clear slant towards Queens of the Stone Age as a lot of the musical feel lends itself towards them, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. When you hear ”Red Water” though, the first track off the album, you do hear a mix of Arctic Monkeys and Beach Boys before the more recognisable beats and chord mixtures creep in. A steady beat and some ghostly guitars sweep into a more distantly wailing melody, which suits the track perfectly and gives you a reassurance that you’re dealing with a group of guys who are honing their craft slowly, but most definitely surely.

”Can’t Shake the Feeling” positively reeks of QOTSA though. You’d be forgiven for thinking it came off one of theirs, as again the blend of vocals, fast guitars and steady beat hit the right areas and it just feels like a natural thing. None of it feels forced or pushed into your ears at all and instead you just get a surge of acceptance from it.

"Warm Scene" is probably the scene stealer for me as it encapsulates everything you would expect from a band on the rise, with even the catchy oohs and aaahs that are a staple part of any song you want a crowd to sing along to when you make it big, as it becomes the song the dedicated followers and their friends all scream in unison when the cameras are on. It is a punchy track with a lot of heart and emotion.

”Maryland Ice Cream” is a very short, almost punk styled track and is hard to really put an opinion on because it is over all too quickly. It’s definitely one of those blink and you miss it songs and you want it to continue by the time it’s done.

The other major highlight for me is that the best track is a hidden one, but I’m keeping it reasonably hidden, as there should be surprises awaiting those who give this EP a blast (heck, I don’t wanna be a ”Copy Cat” now, do I (not that I’m dropping a hint or anything you understand)).

Overall this is a lovely little EP, full of catchy numbers and songs that will stick in your head if you are of an alt rock persuasion. The only downside is ”Don’t Feel Real” which, after all the expression the other songs throw at you, almost feels like a comedown, but it would maybe fit better on a full length album, as it is more noticeable when the track amounts are smaller.

Don’t let this detract from what is a great little EP from Diamond Youth. Hopefully this will be the last EP for a while, as I’d love to see them tackle a full blown album next. The quality is more than evident and I am itching to see what they can some up with next. If it’s more of the same, I won’t complain I can tell you and I think any fans of the style should check these guys out. Really good little collection this one.


Download: Warm Scene, Copy Cat
For The Fans Of: Queens of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Kyuss, Soundgarden
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Release Date 04.02.2014
Topshelf Records

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