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Written by: JWM on 02/02/2014 12:35:05

In the 2010s there are two distinct trends erupting in alternative music. If you wish to be current, it seems you either go for the various 90s revivalist trends or you go for a more textured and progressive sound. Then you face UK metalcore new-comers Atlases, who seem to be quite defiantly against picking any of these, rather deciding to go through the sound that was present within the British underground scene since around 2008. But only forming in early-2013 they've been quick to chuck out their début six-track ep “Upbringing”.

Opening with “Upbringing’s” first track, “Betrayer”, "This Means War"-era Attack Attack! minus keyboards come to mind with it's semi-djent guitar tone and with short, but technical rhythms and vocals from Jack Parsons whose vocals sound exactly like Caleb Shomo. For the remainder of the tracks however both vocally and sonically they replicate "Breathless"-era The Eyes Of A Traitor. That technical metalcore sound becomes at times embarrassingly generic, with very common elements shown on songs like "Secret Keeper" and ”Testament”, the latter of which sees the lyricist questioning God's existence, as he has shown no salvation for their own mistakes. But actually despite all of the flaws of the first three tracks it's actually the raw power of the latter three which redeem this EP. For example on "The Deepest Dark" which starts with an intense pace that never slows down.

Risky as it may have been to go for this style it hasn’t necessarily gone in Atlases' favour. The album itself goes for a style which the underground hardcore/metal scene moved on from when it grew apparent there was absolutely no room for growth. The songs themselves lack consistently good structure, as they seem to be more of "cool bits" strung together. But although those "cool bits" show promise, I would rather see them be less hasty with the next release and re-evaluate how they want to sound.


Download: You Dreamer, You Fool; Consumer / Deny; The Deepest Dark
For The Fans Of: The Eyes Of A Traitor; Heights
Listen: Atlases' Facebook

Release Date 20.01.2014

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