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Written by: JWM on 02/02/2014 12:34:01

It appears Maryland based rock crew Stillglow just don't believe in having a comfortable place to settle. The band's first studio album "Pride/Envy" released in 2011, was certainly unconventional in its replicating of many early emo and screamo bands, however it was bogged down by poor production and disjointed song-writing. But keeping their tradition of titling releases after deadly sins, they've recently announced their "Wrath EP".

The EP is a hyperactive tornado which kicks you in your teeth; starting with "The Heretic" which opens with spastic guitar hooks and pinch harmonies dropping into hectic punk breaks. You then face "The Charlatan", a moody, slow-tempo tune guided by the bass guitar. Then the release concludes with "The Avarice", which is very much in-line with the nature of the first track in it fast pace and spastic nature. You can notice a strong influence from The Blood Brothers and the defining sound of Refused in these tracks. However unlike them, they seem to lack any memorable moments in their songs and the three tracks don't seem to jump out at you. What bands like Stillglow need to learn is that having a four minute song which blends nine different ideas can only work when you are a well-accomplished musician, and it takes far more skill to hone and flesh out an idea to transition intelligently through-out a song.

As a promotional piece, the "Wrath EP" brings all their song-writing improvement and their access to decent production for those who are willing to hear. It's just a pity it doesn't offer more memorable songs in the process.


Download: The Avarice
For The Fans Of: Refused; The Blood Brothers; (That Was Then, This Is Now-era) The JCQ
Listen: Stillglow's Facebook

Release Date 04.02.2014

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