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Our Impact Will Be Felt: Tribute To Sick Of It All

Written by: PP on 22/05/2007 17:05:48

For over twenty years now Sick Of It All has been delivering album after album some of the best New York hardcore the world has known. Their sound has lived through a number of transitions through the two decades reflecting the political and musical climates of the eras, and their influence has spread far across from its origins in hardcore, and almost every modern heavy band today could theoretically label them as one of their early influences, as this tribute album so brilliantly demonstrates.

Twenty bands, twenty classic Sick Of It All songs is what "Our Impact Will Be Felt" consists of. The bands range from the punk through metalcore to death metal, showcasing just how wide variety of bands have been influenced by SOIA. Each band has each been given free hands to do whatever they wish with their chosen/given track, and they have interpreted this freedom in a variety of ways. Rise Against, for instance, has transformed "Built To Last" perfectly into their screamoed punk full of passion and are probably the most obvious modern derivative of Sick Of It All, whereas Napalm Death delivers a very death metallish assault on "Who Sets The Rules". Pennywise has transformed "My Life" into pure skatepunk (though with gang vocals), while The Bouncing Souls showcase how "Good Lookin Out" could've sounded like if Lou Keller had opted for clean singing instead of hardcore yelling. These are all excellent renditions of the authentic songs, where the original sound has not been lost despite the significant changes these bands have made.

Not all bands have been able to flatter the originals this way, though. Especially the metalcore acts Bleeding Through and Himsa have pretty much destroyed the originals simply because hardcore was never meant to be played the metalcore way. Others have just opted to religiously follow the original, for instance you'll be damned to notice any difference between the original and the Stretch Arm Strong version of "Busted".

What I like so much about this CD is how many of the bands seem to have adopted the originals into their own sound with such ease. Comeback Kid and Bane sound the same as they do on their own studio albums, even though they are covering some of the classics within the genre, which no doubt stayed on repeat in their stereos back when they were still just kids. It all really shows just how many of these bands have been listening to the Keller brothers and how much they have been influenced by them, and to me, that is the greatest tribute you can give to a band. Lets keep it together for another 20 years Keller!


Download: Built To Last (Rise Against), Who Sets The Rules (Napalm Death), My Life (Pennywise)
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Release date 24.04.2007
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