Out Of Spite

Written by: PP on 22/01/2014 22:33:35

"Got 99 problems and a subgenre ain't one" is how Entropy describe themselves on their Bandcamp page. They are absolutely right. They play hardcore punk textbook style from the 90s era of the genre, back when none of the numerous subgenres had yet bastardized the style. Short, to-the-point pieces of hardcore that barely last a minute at a time, which you can compare to the likes of Smartbomb, whose expression does incorporate slightly more melodic hardcore to the mix than Entropy do on "Out Of Spite".

As you might expect, the expression you find on the record is explosive in all kinds of ways. Five out of ten songs are done before the one minute mark, and only one song reaches past 90 seconds on the disc, so you can just imagine the sort of short, aggressive bursts of breakneck speed hardcore punk we're dealing with here. The vocals are clean, albeit slightly scratchy to provide character and of course yelled as usual. The guitars are simple three chord pummeling throughout the disc, yet they fulfil their purpose exactly throughout the course of the album. "Intention Tension" is the album highlight where the explosiveness of the vocals is at its catchiest, but in all honesty you could pick any track from the record and sense the kind of urgency these guys play with.

That's all fine and well, but there's just one problem. Ten minutes is awfully short for an album, and so it feels like the whole thing is done before it even started. Once you're used to their intensity, you haven't even realized that you're on track nine "Inheriting The Lie" already. The songs are good, but could a little less speed and/or longer songs capture the listener's attention better? Absolutely.

Download: Intention Tension, Atriums And Exits
For the fans of: Smartbomb, Turning Point
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Release date 30.03.2013
Say-10 Records

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