William Tell

You Can Hold Me Down

Written by: PP on 21/05/2007 16:18:27

When Something Corporate backup vocalist and rhythm guitar player William Tell quit the band in 2004 to go solo, few people doubted his ability to write great songs. "You Can Hold Me Down", his very first solo effort, is the manifestation of his talent, a physical proof that William Tell was one of the main players in making Something Corporate one of the key semi-acoustic acts in the states. It's polished, it's poppy, but most of all, it's credible.

"You Can Hold Me Down" is a collection of his songs varying from the entirely acoustic to tracks mixing up electric and acoustic seemlessly. It is full of heartfelt lyrics and soothing melodies, some catchier than others, but all credible when it comes to acoustic-guitar led pop rock. For instance, "Jeannie" opens the album with echoing feedback from an electric guitar and is probably the strongest track on the album in terms of loudness and effect. Its contrast of quiet acoustic guitar in the verses and louder electric guitar in the catchy chorus is, in my opinion, what all similar acoustic bands should be striving for, and demonstrates Tell's ability to construct songs that are entertaining, as opposed to boring like many other acoustic acts (Hi Get Cape!). "Slipping Under" has a great chorus that you'll be singing along for a long time, and is almost equally strong to "Jeannie". "Trouble" is the first truly acoustic track, and is the one with perhaps the most emotion in it, as Tell sings "You know that I always, always listen when you speak" with compassionate love to whoever that line is addressed to.

These three tracks pop up in various forms throughout the album, making it one of the most interesting acoustic acts I've personally listened to, and returning readers will know how much I usually dislike these type of bands.

In the end, William Tell's solo effort isn't that different from Something Corporate's recordings. It's perhaps slightly poppier and has less of a power pop edge than his former band, but nonetheless isn't a big leap away from the style Something Corporate helped to make, ironically, corporate in the states. Aside from "Fairfax", a song inspired by The Strokes' softer material, William Tell is a safe bet for all fans of Something Corporate and Dashboard Confessional, although it never comes close to the classics by either band.


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Release date 06.03.2007
New Door Records

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