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Your Life Is In Your Hands EP

Written by: JWM on 16/01/2014 12:56:12

You know when a genre is legitimate when your less typical countries start producing bands that play it. From the French upcoming super stars Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Sweden's Abandoned By Bears, the scope is now on Russia with the upcoming act Rise On Everest to prove themselves. It is true, the pop punk meets metalcore of the easycore trend has very little new ideas to offer but it still is a fun movement, and this is also the case with Rise On Everest and their debut EP "Your Life Is In Your Hands".

As it opens with "Find The Way", it feels like they've just made a carbon copy of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!'s song "Positiv-O". With it's wavy synths, simple chords, simple structure and really incomprehensible vocals. Much like These Hearts' singer on older their album, you can't decipher anything bar syllables. "The Pursuit Of Happyness" is like a power-pop meets metalcore breakdown fest, "Valentine's Day" is the common slightly more pop punk track to make the EP a bit lighter while "Sweet Dreams For The Kids" is the heavy goodbye for the EP, with crashing walls of wavy synths and breakdowns.

Down-tuned, major scaled guitar chords, motivational, DIY lyrics and a love for synthesisers and breakdowns define easycore bands like Rise On Everest, but they are still dealing with some obvious short comings. One main drawback, I would have to argue, is the vocals' lack of the development. Clean singer Rustam Yuzaev's voice is drab in a unrefined way and I'm sure with time this can be improved with some work. The death growling vocalist sounds like any deathcore band's early demos. The other more obvious thing is the messy and all too common song-writing. But hey, if Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! managed to build themselves up then why not Rise On Everest.


Download: Find The Way; Valentine's Day
For The Fans Of: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!; These Hearts; Abandoned By Bears
Listen: Rise On Everest's Facebook

Release date 14.09.2013

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