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From Laval, France what we've got here is a copy of CALVAIIRE's grindcore / power-violence / metallic hardcore LP "Forceps". It is the very living definition of chaos, its excessively repetitive "KERRANGSS" and its barbaric breakdowns and crude and intentionally lo-fi production ruined any chance of being just a challenging first-wave metalcore meets mathcore band. (see: Botch, Converge). There was actually a point where I accidentally skipped the track and the breakdown just merged into the next track just as blind rage-frenzied chaos like it was the exact same song.

With "Atra Bilis" it stops with some dark and ominous church bells flowing through your ears. And then sudde-BWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Relentless chiming rage, ferocious screaming, blastbeating 'til my ear drum is fully perforated. FOR CHRIST SAKES EXPLAIN WHAT IS HAPPENING. Perhaps "Aux Porcs"' painfully extended end makes you think you are given respite. To be honest it feels good at this point to call it the end. It's been a good four track EP and the extended "emotional" ending feels nicely like Converge's "Jane Doe".

But unfortunately, we have all been mislead.

To be very honest, it's a very boring listen, the only foreseeable merit is that at live show people can beat each other to a pulp to it, though it's seriously lacks in any distinction between songs, or even a break within songs so it's just 28 minutes of derivative noise. Don't listen to any one who says it has rhythm or complexity. Because it has absolutely no rhythm, and complexity is valueless when there's no structure, whether the structure be classic rock structure or unconventional. And ironically the LP isn't actually as loud as it should have been mixed to have been, how stupid is that.

About as emotional as a sociopathic cocaine addict can get with a chainsaw.


Download: I really liked that track where he screamed
For The Fans Of: Converge; Pig Destroyer; People who cut their palms in honour of our abyss dwelling overlord Cthulhu
Listen: CALVAIIRE's facebook

Release Date 31.12.2013
Throatruiner Records

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