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Deap Vally is a Californian duo consisting of Lindsey Troy on guitar and Julie Edwards on drums - both girls also sing. Although one may have prejudice towards the whole two-girl getup, don't think you've figured out Deap Vally from your first glance: Having met in a crochet class, you would think these girls to be delicate flowers. They're not.

Step into the church of Deap Vally. This is the place where we obey saw-sounding guitars and chanting, screaming, talking-tongues vocals. This band is not boring. The vocals are distorted, aggressively beating along with the drums - like the White Stripes if they were extroverted and girls only. But don't think these girls only take on the strong feminine profile for the looks of it. The lyrical universe is rock and roll feminism 101: We play our own instruments, we make our own money and I'll take a walk of shame if I have to (and we don't care). But instead of imagining some moral high ground as a feminist will, there's no doubt: Deap Vally gives as little a crap about being morally superior as they do about gender roles. "Creepfile" serves as a warning to all wolves: This little red riding hood is not one to fuck with.

But Deap Vally does not only surprise in attitude, they also surprise in sound. Album-opener "End of The World" has the most amazing out-of-tune fuck-everything guitar supporting in the chorus. Through-out the album this sound starts to form a trademark sound that Deap Vally can probably gain a big following with. It also paints the album a bit dark and gloomy. Most of the songs are granted a bit too much in "angry-ex" terrain, but I guess it's a matter of taste. Small glimpses of light come in the shape of the sexy, sultry, slow "Six Feet Under". I wish they'd poured a bit more of this into the mix - you kinda need something to break through the stand-off'ish yelling to really fall in love with a band. With some more pieces of the strong veneer falling off I would've fallen head over heels for this one, but we're not there yet - Deap Vally mostly keeps on their own side of the turf. But "Sistrionix" is only Deap Vally's first album, so let's cut them a bit of slack now, while simply raising our expectations for the next one.

Download: Six Feet Under, End of The World, Walk of Shame, Gonna Make My Own Money
For The Fans Of: The Echo Vamper, Hooded Fang, 2:54

Release Date 28.06.2013

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