Hymn to Pan

Written by: BV on 30/12/2013 21:24:20

Obelyskkh is no new name on the doom-metal circuit. Having already released two great albums in “Mount Nysa” (2011) and “White Lightnin’” (2012), Obelyskkh are slowly making a name for themselves. – Their latest effort, “Hymn to Pan”, does nothing to tarnish that growing reputation, I can assure you. But let’s have an in-depth look at it to see if it perhaps improves upon that reputation.

As the album opens with the menacing title track, it wastes no time in convincing the listener that this, this pagan-themed acidic pool of sludgy sounds is indeed where one’s focus should be directed. The menacing, slow riffs make for an insanely heavy foundation and as the track clocks in at just about 10 minutes, you don’t quite feel that this track was particularly repetitive. This is, perhaps, due to the use of some spaced-out interludes and some quite unexpected bits of keyboard sound whirling around from time to time. – Thusly, Obelyskkh initially seem to avoid the pitfalls of this slow-moving, ever-menacing genre that is doom-metal.

As the album then segues into the absolute standout of the album, “Ravens”, the tempo has shifted from menacingly slow towards an upbeat tempo – upbeat as in relation to this particular genre, as it is still quite slow in its own way. Coupled with “The Man Within” – which features an absolutely astonishing guitar solo by the way, these two tracks make for the easiest listening experience on the album as the significantly shorter runtimes separate them from the remaining album, whilst managing to concoct something equally menacing.

However, having said that, album closer “Revelation: The Will to Nothingness” is nothing short of a monolithic odyssey into heavy riffing and apocalyptic soundscapes. With its 23 minutes however, it also lingers on for a tad too long – even for a doom metal album, making this last track come off equally unfocused and grandiose.

So where does that leave us then? Well, “Hymn to Pan” is not the strongest album Obelyskkh have created to date, yet neither does it come off significantly worse than its predecessors. In short, Obelyskkh have released a hymn to an impending pagan apocalypse and when that day comes, it’ll make for a perfect soundtrack. Until then, all I can say is that it is a solid effort that occasionally borders on something great.

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Release date 02.09.2013
Exile on Mainstream

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