The Final Revolution

Written by: JWM on 30/12/2013 18:54:53

For those that, unlike me, have had their finger on the pulse of the 90s metallic hardcore scene, Pro-Pain has been producing a brutal assault for the past 21 years without fail. This year we see them produce studio album number fourteen, "The Final Revolution", which in their eyes is a return to their hardcore/metal style rather than their thrashier "experiments".

However, this contextual information becomes misleading as the first track "Deathwish" starts up and has a guitar riff which could have been ripped out of any Slayer song. To me, this album is the exact epitome of a metal band. It can be repetitive in places and not deviate far from a certain structure, but the quality of song writing is it's redeeming quality, and in Pro-pain's case it's far too impressive to ignore. Whether it's the Hatebreed loving 100bpm tempo of "One Shot One Kill", the anthem of the alienated "Southbound" or the punishing groove licks of "Fall From Grace", which sound akin to Lamb Of God.

"The Final Revolution" is a combination of first wave metalcore with defined cross-over thrash ideas, a fusion which provides that all-American groove metal sound that Pantera triumphed around the same time as this band's inception. As generic and as exhausted as the style is, it works well. And I can imagine this would sound excellent in live performances with its white hot anger, punishing thrash riffs and rage inducing breakdowns. However, despite the tight song writing the sometimes excessive length of the record will start to grate on those who listen. It's less of a solid record and more a compiling of brutal songs that sound good, and I feel that Pro-Pain need to bring in some new, interesting ideas if they want to push forward with their band. But in saying that, knowing the nature of this kind of band, I sincerely doubt they do.


Download: Deathwish; Southbound; Fall From Grace
For The Fans Of: Hatebreed; Terror; Slayer; Pantera
Listen: Pro-pain's website

Release Date: 25.11.2013

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