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The End Of Days

Written by: PP on 28/12/2013 21:20:14

UK-based punk/ska band Acid Drop explore a variety of styles on their latest album "The End Of Days", but primarily we find ourselves within a sound that's based on mid 90s NOFX albums. Think "White trash, Two Heebs And A Bean" and "Punk In Drublic" in particular. Rowdy, loosely played punk rock with a few ska/reggae vibes here and there, spliced with some street punk influence which is Acid Drop's way of steering clear of outright clone band accusations.

Now, the reason I mention the above is because of songs like "Slave", which recall the ska/reggae styled songs of said NOFX albums, but even more so with "20 Tonnes", which sounds so much like a NOFX track from that era it's hard to ignore the similarities. Every dynamic in the song from the chorus to the rowdy vocal dynamics and sloppily played riffs simply screams "Punk In Drublic", which isn't a bad aspect per se, but it's a little worrisome when it is the best song on the record and the one that sounds most like it was ripped off from somewhere.

Later on, "Mary Rose" brings some folk punk into the mix with playful mandolin/banjo in the best Flogging Molly manner, so luckily it's not all just NOFX and more NOFX on this record, even though it is a recurring theme throughout. It's a catchy little punk rock record, though, so fans of any of the bands below should find themselves right at home on "The End Of Days".


Download: 20 Tonnes, Mary Rose, THe End Of Days
For the fans of: NOFX, Hit The Switch, Radio Dead Ones
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Release date 08.07.2013
TNS Records / Pie Race Records

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