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Gutbucket's self-titled effort is a misleading one. It leads you on to believe that you are about to receive some pretty extreme tongue-in-cheek grindcore with its crimson dragon artwork and name when in fact all it has to offer is a generic hard rock endeavor, which the band somehow feels justified to dub a mixture of jazz, rock and progressive.

The German quartet undoubtedly loves Audioslave and mimes its music beat by beat, riff by riff and song by song and if I didn't know better, I would swear the singer was Chris Cornell in his early days of audio slavery. Now that we've established that Gutbucket is a jam band, let's also establish that there is nothing even remotely progressive about this album, nor is there even a hint of jazz. Let's also establish that every song sounds like the other, and every song fails to capture any emotion let alone interest.

I'm trying as hard to find something positive to say about Gutbucket's latest creation as it is trying to force myself through it but I feel like I'm facing a concrete wall. A concrete wall with a poster of Audioslave to which Peter has glued his own face instead of Chris Cornell's. I just want to fucking dart it. See, even if this was a Chris Cornell solo album, it would be his worst, but at least it would sell because it was his - I'd be surprised if Gutbucket's band members ate and had a roof to sleep under every day.

So do yourselves a favor and make haste to initiate a petition for Armageddon Music to bin Gutbucket. There is, in fact, something positive to say about this album: I've been eagerly looking forward to being able to thrash a band and make use of the f-word in a negative context. There's just one thing left to say: Next.


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For the fans of: Chris Cornell's vocal style

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Release date 23.03.2007

Armageddon Music

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