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Danish deathcore sextet Wecanwalkonwatertoo have existed for three years making a name for themselves by playing energetic and aggressive live shows across Jutland and Zealand. They were recently featured on the Danish sitcom “Sjit Happens” where they played the part of a metal band rehearsing in an apartment and even had vocalist Neema deliver a few lines of dialogue. This appearance might have garnered the band some attention outside of the Danish metal underground. Nevertheless, they have a new EP out entitled “IDDQD”, the follow-up to the three-song EP “We Bree” from 2011. “IDDQD” features five songs of well-played deathcore rage that is bound to open some doors for this young band in the Danish metal landscape.

Wecanwalkonwatertoo play textbook deathcore with plenty of fast paced shredding, big breakdowns, double bass blasting and the ferocious vocal deliveries of the band’s two vocalists. They play a style of metal that is beginning to feel a bit stale, and it seems hard for bands to be innovative within the deathcore frame. Sometimes the inspiration almost seems to turn to plagiarism, for instance on the opening of “Rise Above Cortex Vortex” which sounds a lot like the opening from Carnifex’ “In Coalesce With Filth and Faith”. In general it is hard to distinguish this EP from any other deathcore release. However, what the EP lacks in originality it makes up for in energy. The band clearly means business and they play like they want to prove themselves to the metal world. Vocalists Neema and Peter give a powerful and dynamic performance with thick guttural growls and frantic high pitched screams, in the style of the late great Mitch Lucker (ex-Suicide Silence) and Scott Lewis (Carnifex).

The fact that Wecanwalkonwatertoo features two vocalists to do the deed is an interesting addition to the music. When listening to the EP, it is not clear who is doing what vocals, although I am fairly certain that the high screams are Neema’s and the deep growls are Peter’s. With vocalists as talented as these, it does not really matter though, since they are both great and complement each other perfectly. In the past we have seen the dual vocal technique conveyed to perfection by the now disbanded Despised Icon, but not many bands do it, let alone as well as Wecanwalkonwatertoo, and much like what was the case with DI, the band switches between death metal brutality and hardcore aggression with ease.

Besides having a really annoying and long name that apparently is supposed to be written in one word (yes, it is not a typo), there is a level of silliness to the songs as well with song titles referencing video games; “Daisy Over Peach” (Super Mario), “Rise Above Cortex Vortex” (Crash Bandicoot) and “Only Bosconovitch Can Save You” (Tekken). This does not seem to have anything to do with the lyrical content though which is dark and mostly based around personal anguish and anger. It is pretty much impossible to decipher the lyrics from listening to the EP, and it is necessary to read them along with the music. The lyrics are actually the low-point of the EP and really need some work before they measure up to the quality of the music. Here is an example from “Daisy Over Peach”: “You think you have control of what is going on - and I admit you once had it, but every man has to draw the line - and I'll cut it - right into your face, my mind is wandering, wanting to slay. Cause what I'm feeling is so complex. This is not ordinary hate, but so much more, but you'll never understand you filthy fucking whore”. It would have been good, if the band had strayed a little more from the clichés. There are quite a few grammatical errors as well, which does not help the overall image of the EP. This is a shame considering the high level of musicianship in the band’s delivery.

Wecanwalkonwatertoo definitely has a lot of promise. They know their deathcore and know it well. However, there is not much on this EP to set them apart from other bands within the genre. If they can innovate a little more and imitate a little less, and work on their weak spots, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Hopefully we will see a full length from the band soon.


Download: Rise Above Cortex Vortex, Only Bosconovitch Can Save You
For The Fans Of: Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Despised Icon
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Release Date 03.11.2013

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