Feeding of Fragments (EP)

Written by: EW on 22/11/2013 13:00:46

I'd never really thought of it before listening to Waning's "Feeding of Fragments" EP, but if Great Britain has a black metal sound, this would be it. Which is ironic, because Waning are Swedish. For all the 'Similar Artists' added to their name on the hallowed metal archives, my ears are being pricked by their similarities to Anaal Nathrakh, Winterfyllerth and Voices. This discordant, urban BM style seems to be done surprisingly well by British bands these days, moreso than can be found on this four-track release which if it wasn't for the third of those four, "When Spawned", then there would be very little to talk or recommend about it. This one begins with flowing movements up and down the neck of the guitar in distinctly Winterfylleth fashion before the odd break further down the line send the song in an abrupt finale, but the four minutes uptil that point demonstrate a reasonable awareness of varying tempos and tones that are essential in making a mark in this crowded landscape.

Til that point there is little of note about "Faceless in Line" and "Not Among Them". The first sets the style of the release with the reverberating guitars, evident bass and R.A.'s howling shriek bringing to mind the aforementioned Anaal, but without anywhere near the virtuosity or variation that makes those Brits a big name today. "Not Among Them" opens with the spoken word "There are still people in this world that believes..." before the remaining speech is drowned out by the guitars which join the party. Why? What is the point? Through the remaining near-six minutes of the track, Waning do at least drop the tempo of a sound that could well be borne of a drum machine such is its production, in the process throwing in some nice touches of Cult of Luna post-metalisms. Closer "With a Back of Sorrows Bent" follows the Winterfylleth-ian example set by "When Spawned" but even by this point a little over three tracks in the monotony of the vocal delivery is a cause for concern while the grey musical output might be befitting late autumnal days like today but doesn't invite future listens like some of the referenced bands do. I can't speak for the band's two prior full-lengths but with two songs at best to speak of from this release and little by way of sterling performances or individual character a befitting grade is required.

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Release date: 29.09.2013

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