Crimes EP

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If Kurt Cobain had played in a punk rock band, Crimes would've been it. Comprised of three members from now-defunct punk band Static Radio NJ, Crimes excel at delivering the same grungy, tormented croon over slightly dreamy, yet still punk rock-based soundscapes on their self-titled debut EP. Contemplative bands like Title Fight, Balance & Composure and Daylight come to mind on equal measure with rawer bands like Crime In Stereo, but whichever the reference, the fact of the matter remains the same: these four tracks are an incredibly strong debut for a band, because there's very little, if anything to fault here.

Let's start our dissection with the vocals. They are raw and vibrant, recalling State Lines as much as they do Kurt Cobain's early 90s visionary grunge pipes, sticking to the lower end in their singing range, and always remembering to add that little bit of strain to make them sound charismatic and instantly memorable. Moving onto the instruments, these focus on Crime In Stereo style progressive punk/alternative songwriting, which adds a layer of depth, especially when they occasionally reference Title Fight's funky dream-grooves. They alternate between ringing melodies and more atmospheric stuff evenly, making every song an interesting and a varied listen.

At just four songs it's difficult to say much more about "Crimes" EP except to recommend you to purchase it, because all four songs found on this record are awesome. We'll wait with judging if the band can keep up this level of consistency through an entire album, but the four songs on this record suggest that if they do, we should have another Title Fight phenomenon on our hands.


Download: Something, Miserable Fuck, Out In The West, In My Time Alone
For the fans of: Nirvana, Title Fight, Daylight, Crime In Stereo, Balance & Composure
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Release date 29.04.2013
Black Numbers

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