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The Big White Whale

Written by: JWM on 05/11/2013 20:31:50

Haling from Baltimore, the 2007 formed Vinny Vegas finally release their first full length album after six years "The Big White Whale". It's a risky, but wise move when a band take as long as that to release their first album, it shows moderation and pace despite the pressure from many to release. And it pays off well in Vinny Vegas' case, with a fantastic album which I can only describe as experimental soul rock.

This album starts with the blues scale-led modern alternative rock of "Highs & Lows", it acts as a story of being a touring artist: "for years it came in waves/ leaving for months and returning for days". As the song progresses into their dynamic and textured instrumentation the lyrics darken: "I think that maybe if I can leave I won't have time for them/ but there has gotta be a place where I can go". From beautiful to tranquil, track two "Patterns Weave" is a soft but up-tempo affair which constantly threatens to drop into punk laden riffs. However, this only proves to be clever and challenging to the listener as it merely keeps you on your toes.

"Rubber Sternum" is a fantastic lounge jazz introduced song which breaks into soul music with a tempo which sounds like "Golden Lady" by Stevie Wonder. And that Stevie Wonder influence is certainly prevalent through-out the dual vocal lead of "Sleeping Cliffs", also the piano ballad of "All the Ways to Crumble" are no different. There is also a strong feeling of La Dispute's work making an influence on the instrumentation, with the bluesy guitar chords, that lack of artificial reverb and a use of musique concrète screaming of a love for La Dispute's "Wildlife".

Soul, blues and jazz texture the dynamic alternative rock of "The Big White Whale". All the experimentalism and progressive nature of La Dispute, all the soulful and soaring modern punk of Emarosa, and vocals which give Stevie Wonder and Patrick Stump a new contender. Vinny Vegas may be young, but they certainly have an understanding of dynamism far better than some bands twice their age. Perhaps an issue could be seen as the record stays at the same level through-out and lacks any stand out potential singles bar "Highs & Lows". And lyrically they need to work on their clarity as it drops into non-comprehensive riddles. Regardless, "The Big White Whale" guarantees a promising year for Vinny Vegas post-launch.

Download: Highs & Lows; Rubber Sternum; All the Ways to Crumble; Afro Feet
For The Fans Of: Stevie Wonder; La Dispute; Emarosa
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Release Date 05.11.2013
The Motherland Collective

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