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From Them, Through Us, To You

Written by: ASH on 26/04/2007 10:21:43

It's great to finally see Madina Lake's full debut album hitting the stores after their self-released "The Disappearance of Adalia" EP last year, especially because of their ability to rise above the black mass of pop-punk and alternative rock that tends to always sound the same. Having followed them since their EP release, Madina Lake has proved to be a very interesting piece of alternative music with almost theatrical sounds and lyrics, which will hopefully become a style that the band will cling onto. Anyway, from me, through this site, to you, here is their latest release "From Them, Through Us, To You".

Madina Lake consists of vocalist Nathan Leone, his twin brother and bassist Matthew Leone, guitarist Mateo Camargo and drummer Dan Torelli. The band has been going strong since landing a record deal with Roadrunner Records because of the Leone brothers' nationwide media recognition, which they received after munching cow guts and hanging from helicopters on a special episode of Fear Factor. Using the money they earned to make their first demo, Roadrunner Records just couldn't say no. In a way, the energy they showed the world is reflected in their music, something that you'll notice already after listening to a few tracks. Now, this review may slightly differ from what you've heard on your copy if that copy you've bought is the final retail version, because that piece includes a two-minute long instrumental track called "The Auspice", which replaces the track "Here I Stand" as the opening song. My version does not include "The Auspice", but fear not, it's almost the same. The album still includes debatable themes like politics, culture and media obsession all blended into the fictional world of Matthew Leone, which the band tries to bring to life through their music.

Interestingly enough, this album seems more extravagant to me than other debuts I've seen, since the majority of the tracks are earcatchers similar to an album that has the sound that moves you. I'm speaking of tracks like "Here I Stand", "Adalia", "House of Cards", "Pandora", "Stars", "River People" and "One Last Kiss"; the list goes on and on. If you're a fan of similar sounding bands, you've undoubtedly heard House of Cards and know the energy they manage to transmit throughout the track. The album might sound like something you've heard before, but Madina Lake has managed to twist their style into the right musical direction. I see no major drawbacks in their sound, but if I should point something out, it would be their age, seen from a musical perspective. In that respect they still have a long way to go in, so much can still happen. Nevertheless, judging from this high quality debut, I hope to see even more creativity from the minds of this Chicago-based quartet. Emotive and intruiging lyrics, great display of musical energy and all in all a pleasant and mysterious musical adventure into the realm of Madina Lake.


Download: Pandora, Stars, House of Cards
For the fans of: Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, Alexisonfire
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Release Date 26.03.2007
Roadrunner Records

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