Time & Eternal

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When choosing a name like Colossus as a young band, you better have the merit to back it up. Luckily this South Dakota based metal/hardcore quartet do. Being one of the most recent signings to Facedown Records, Colossus released their debut album "Time & Eternal" in June. The band is a great contribution to the roster and fits right in with the releases of very high quality that has come out of Facedown lately.

"Time & Eternal" consists of ten songs (whereas two are about a minute long) in which the band presents an interesting balance between metal and hardcore with a bit of prog and djent in the mix as well. Even though "Time & Eternal" does not exactly revolutionize metal, the diversity of the songs and thickness of the atmosphere is what keeps it from getting boring. The songs often consist of slow, super heavy riffs and breakdowns, though sometimes the pace is quickened a bit reminiscent of August Burns Red. Guitarist Jim Hughes is phenomenal and switches from palm muted riffs to melodic licks to riffs that are more proggy and technical. The production is crisp and all the instruments seem perfectly balanced.

Vocalist Alex Gutzmer has a thick and powerful mid-to-low pitched growl similar to Andy Atkins from A Plea For Purging, a band that Colossus sounds similar to at times as well. Gutzmer delivers existential lyrics on the album that deal with topics such as faith and the loss of such, sin, shame and forgiveness. It is heavy, emotional material that goes along well with the atmosphere of the album. A good example of this, is from "Time", the strong album opener, on which Gutzmer screams: ”I am ashamed of what I’ve done, I hate what I have become. One last breath before the plunge, I let the ocean fill my lungs. We Live and die by the hands of time, the taste in my mouth reminds me of a place, a place that I once knew.

Being a Christian band, as most bands on Facedown, Colossus is sure to please fans of other bands from the label such as Those Who Fear and Leaders as well as fans of crossover metal/hardcore in general. "Time & Eternal" is a great debut album for this young band.


Download: Time, Superficial Saviour, Transgressor
For The Fans Of: A Plea For Purging, Those Who Fear, A Call To Sincerity

Release Date 11.06.2013

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