Lars And The Hands Of Light

Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow

Written by: PP on 24/10/2013 00:13:37

Lars And The Hands Of Light is the current main project of Lars Vognstrup, whom our readers might recognize as the lead vocalist for Danish metallers Raunchy between 1994 and 2004. Since his heavier days, he has switched out to experimental music, more specifically experimental indie/pop as is the case with the second album of this project, "Baby We Could Die Tomorrow".

Instead of relying on a standard radio-friendly pop formula, Lars explores the sonic aspects of a pop soundscapes thoroughly through a filter that feels like it takes its cues from the 60s and 70s pop music. Maybe even 80s in places - think New Order and that sort of thing - thanks to retro-tuned synths and the occasional orchestrals that go with it. Atmosphere and enriched soundscapes is the main goal rather than a tool towards something else, and hence plenty of electronic aftertouch has been used to perfect a dreamy, lingering indie/pop vibe throughout the record.

Usually this type of stuff feels totally hipster and like a bore to this scribe, but there are plenty of moments here where Lars And The Hands Of Light display a masterful understanding of every element in their soundscape. That is why they are able to write songs like "How Much We Feel" and "We Shine On Together", which are subtly catchy, despite being borderline avant-garde tracks in their execution. It's an interesting sound that takes you through several decades of pop music and offers its own, distinctly Danish indie rock take on it.


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Release date 29.04.2013
Crunchy Frog

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