The Weight Of Your Love

Written by: HES on 20/10/2013 20:22:02

I haven't exactly been caught up in the craze of Editors earlier and I can't say I even knew what to expect this time. I've heard the singles and all that, but most of it struck me as a bit lethargic. And that is - unfortunately exactly how I feel now I've sat down and listened to a whole album of theirs. People like to throw around the words "Depeche Mode" when we're talking about Editors and I do see the similarities to the "Delta Machine"-era more than, say, the "Violator"-era.

Most of the new album "The Weight Of Your Love" is drenched in gloom - not in the heart wrenched, haunted way - more like in the "we're so serious it hurts" kind of way. "Sugar" is supposedly an okay song with a pretty catchy refrain in the before-mentioned Depeche-stylings but it also makes me seriously question which decade this album was crafted in. "A Ton Of Love" is done pretty much by the exact same cookie-cutter recipe but with a bit more positive outcome because front-man Tom Smith and a guitar seem to actually be engaged in the act.

The opening violin-riff in "What Is This Thing Called Love" is also quite beautiful and is then followed up by a much discussed falsetto by Smith. I will not say it's as horrible sa writers from Rolling Stones and NME has made it to be, rather I actually find it to be an interesting way to cut through the gloom and it adds a level of vulnerability to Smith's otherwise quite nonchalant manner, as he brokenheartedly sings "What is this thing called love that you speak? 'Cause we're out of it!"

It's not really in question whether Editors can write pop-songs. I knew the songs after just one listen. But as many have done already, I want to question the dedication of the band. It seems they've completely dropped every chance of doing something interesting and soulful on the ground and instead went with the most generic musical styling, the most generic mix, most generic backing vocals, the most generic level of intensity. There's a fine line between easy-listening and boring-listening and I guess the provocation part of it is, that the material underneath oceans of gloom and bass is actually good, but sure needs a dusting off before it can ever be considered great art.


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Release Date 28.06.2013

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