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From Tomorrow

Written by: BV on 17/10/2013 21:55:09

For fans of intrepid droning, echoing vocals and a generally psychedelic vibe, The Oscillation are hardly the new kids on the block. With “From Tomorrow”, the group’s third release, the band continues along their own ominous and enticing trails of barely comprehensible vocals, fuzzy drones and chaotic echo oscillations with a single purpose – to break through the sonic seas of psychedelic rock and leave their own truly unique imprint on the genre.

From the get-go, it is abundantly evident that “From Tomorrow” is bathed in a wall of howling and screeching distortion-fueled chaos ripe for the picking. Opening tracks “Corridor part 1” and “Corridor part 2” are abundant with chaos-laden drones, fuzzed out mayhem and a generally enticing psychedelic vibe that invites you in, in spite of the blurring lines between chaos and melody. It’s incomprehensible, yet wildly familiar as the lines between utter genius and downright insanity seem to vanish, leaving only a wild and untamed soundscape behind.

With “No Place To Go”, the sonic masculinity builds up, as the distortion seems rampant, wild and untamed. Testosterone is in the air and “No Place To Go” most of all seems like a demonstration of power, rather than a trip to the murkier corners of the human psyche. This earthbound masculinity serves a purpose though, as this album never seems wildly excessive. It has fleeting excursions and earthbound madness but it is all carefully orchestrated and never overly excessive to the point of self-indulgence.

“From Tomorrow” might seem excessive and full of droning monotony, but as the title track (as well as good array of other tracks) will go to show, it’s the smallest details that make for an interesting listen here. The tiny finesse added to “No Place To Go” for instance, serves for an unrivaled listening experience on the album, thus making it a standout track. Granted, the album as a whole might not be easy listening – but then again, that’s hardly the point you know. The Oscillation have created an uncompromising compilation of relentless fuzz drones that explore the murkier, slightly dark corners of the human psyche – both their own, as well as their listeners’ and it is that, which makes them interesting. For the most part though, The Oscillation are more interesting than they are truly magnificent and for extended listens it might be a good idea to mix things up a bit with something a bit more mellow or easier to listen to. Nonetheless, this third album from The Oscillation lived fully up to my expectations – thus proving that their recent hype on the psychedelic circuit seems quite deserved.


Download: Corridor (part 1 & 2), No Place To Go, Dreams Burn Down, From Tomorrow
For The Fans Of: Narcosatanicos, Spökraket, Suicide, Spacemen 3

Release Date 30.09.2013
All Time Low

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