I Hate Music

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Most music fans will have heard the name Superchunk somewhere, at least in passing, thanks to their far-reaching sphere of influence that ranges from the emotive melodies of bands like Say Anything and Saves The Day to the noisy buzz of Japandroids, RVIVR and others like them. They are considered one of the most iconic alternative rock bands of the 90s, thanks to a sound that features the very essence of vibrant warmth, radiant fuzziness, and spirited, buzzing melodies. Their instantly recognizable soundscape is synonymous with enjoying life, positivity, and other bright words and phrases like that, and if you don't believe me, just hear for yourself on for example "Low F", a fantastic example of everything Superchunk is about as a band.

They took a six-year break until 2010's "Majesty Shredding", but wasted no time in recording their tenth studio album "I Hate Music", another record where you can hear bits and pieces of a vast variety of modern bands today, mostly because Superchunk is listed as an influence for those band's respective sounds. It's a record that's full of life, drenched in melodically ringing guitars, high-pitch vocals, and classic, 90s style chorus melodies that win you over through sheer nostalgia and sense of joy that's associated with pretty much every song here, slow or fast. The ballads ring pleasantly in your ears, the faster tracks are noisy and have a buzzing vibe that makes you feel alive, and the mid tempo rockers are just quintessential 90s rockers, as evident by for example "Your Theme".

"I Hate Music" is an upbeat, sunny album that puts a wide smile on your face just for the sheer joy of playing that you can hear in every note they send your way. And not just that, but the songs are irresistibly catchy, happy alternative rock pieces that also contain nuances of indie and punk rock for good measure. Like most of their discography, it is consistently awesome, and a candidate for some of the top spots at this year's already stacked best-of list.

Download: Low F, Me & You & Jackie Mittoo, FOH, Staying Home, Breaking Down
For the fans of: Hüsker Dü, Saves The Day, Weezer, Japandroids
Listen: Official Website

Release date 20.08.2013
Merge Records

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