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Written by: PP on 07/09/2013 15:15:20

When I say Christian metalcore, you should have a fairly good idea in your head how it sounds like. Most bands playing this style sound very similar: muscular riffs, a love for breakdowns, and big, almost anthemic passages brought by contrasting guitar melodies that flail behind a tight rhythm section to create atmosphere. Clean vocals are a rare occurrence as the vast majority of vocals are screamed and melodically growled to suit the instrumental landscape.

In that sense, My Ransomed Soul from Maryland sound very much like your stereotypical Christian metalcore band. They draw from old school As I Lay Dying while also integrating elements from Gwen Stacy into their expression, meaning plenty of dynamic, high tempo leads that shift into slower and more complex arrangements, before crashing down into huge, inevitable one chord breakdowns. At the same time, the lead guitar melodies sometimes break out of the classic metalcore mold into something we're more used to from the metallic end of the melodic hardcore bands, such as The Ghost Inside or even the polyrhythmic masters in Misery Signals, case in point being "Regression", the highlight track on the album. Here, the lead guitars are exceptionally melodic, whilst the rest of the song is heavy on low-end chugging, which results in a nice contrast and variation within the song. "Deceptions" and "Dystopia" both have similar moments, which make them my selects for the best three tracks on this record.

At the same time, My Ransomed Soul have more conventional metalcore tracks like "Call To Arms", which are pretty much standard fare material in the genre with the occasional deathcore-esque element peeking every now and then. This isn't their strength although this is where they are at their heaviest. "Selfish Distance" is another such track, here featuring a guest performance by Rick Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse fame.

Overall, "Falsehoods" isn't a particularly innovative album, but it brings forth a solid, convincing metalcore expression nonetheless that refuses to believe the rumours about genre saturation and all that.


Download: Regression, Deceptions, Dystopia
For the fans of: Misery Signals, It Prevails, Gwen Stacy, As I Lay Dying, The Ghost Inside
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Release date 26.03.2013
Red Cord Records

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