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Written by: JWM on 02/09/2013 19:50:58

Most people have probably never heard of Glasgow-based deathcore band Bleed From Within. Why would they have? These guys play extreme metal, are an underground band and they are Scottish. Three components for a band that mean they have to work thrice as hard as your average American pop punk band to get attention. Moreover Bleed From Within completely slowed their musical output. Rapidly releasing 2009's "Humanity" and 2010's "Empire", the band has taken some time to prepare their third album 2013's "Uprising" for the masses.

Suffice to say the break they've taken to write "Uprising" has paid off well. Starting with the build up of introduction "III" and its explosive successive track "Colony", the band showcases that they are more than just a deathcore band now. The album's singles "It Lives in Me" and "Uprising" show Bleed From Within's deathcore-fused groove metal assault. And yet despite a lack of stylistic change I found the album doesn't bore you as the technical, riff-focused, metallic nature of the album is perfectly balanced by a hardcore punk-like desire to not stay in one place for too long. The instrumental metal of "Speechless" allows the dust to settle briefly before introducing the powerful brilliance of "Our Divide", its energy and its urgency are simply incredible. "Devotion" will soften you heart with its delicate introduction before piercing you soul with its incredible chorus and its guitar melodies. Album closer "See You in Hell" tips its hat to the band's older deathcore style in a chaotic and brutal fashion.

Vocalist Scott Kennedy has developed remarkably well for this album, he has deviated further from the high squeals inspired by Mitch Lucker and has developed guttural shouts which are reminiscent of Winston McCall from Parkway Drive. The lyrics deal with the conflicts and issues that the band has gone through in the past few years, which you can hear on songs like "Strive" and "Our Divide" focusing on struggle and suffering. But for the most part, on songs like "Colony" or "Leech", the lyrics are sculpted to be shouted back during live shows. That isn't to say it's a bad thing, as it's not exactly easy to understand what Kennedy is saying so some good lines to shout back don't hurt the situation.

There is some criticism however. Primarily that it feels like more of a collection of songs on a record rather than a album, a solid body of work. And because of this I can imagine how some people would find this album repetitive. But ultimately this is a band that, despite having yet to fully claw out of the British metal scene, have released an album capable of filling every crevice of an arena. The album is pure, unrelenting metal which breaks no sonic boundaries and is better for it. There is no incorporation of electronica or pop to crossover fan bases and they've not been caught up in the progressive metal arms race of more "true metal" trends. "Uprising" may not have been the album everyone was screaming for, but it's the kind of album we need and I firmly believe the world needs more metal bands like Bleed From Within.

Download: Our Divide, Devotion, Strive
For The Fans Of: Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence, The Eyes of a Traitor

Release Date 25.03.2013
Century Media Records

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