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Written by: PP on 17/08/2013 15:16:00

Can't wait for the next A Day To Remember album? Didn't find their French equivalent Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!'s sophomore album catchy enough for your tastes? Don't fret, Victory Records has a solution for you in the form of These Hearts and their sophomore album "Yours To Take". It's a release where the band continues to shamelessly copy A Day To Remember's sound from the autotuned/electronically modified clean vocal choruses to the murderously br00tal breakdowns that provide an opposing contrast to the happy-go-lucky cleans.

Now, what's interesting about "Yours To Take" is how it literally has two opposing sounds. On one hand, the band delve into ridiculously catchy choruses, unashamedly utilizing pop elements to make songs like "Miserable" and "Been Through Hell" instantly memorable during the chorus parts. Yes, there's definitely lots of re-touching going on for the clean vocals in these parts, but hey, when the result is mad catchy, who's complaining? This is true especially when they hop over into easycore such as on "Psycho" - think Four Year Strong here during their early albums.

But at the same time, their desire to sound br00tal results in a number of songs sounding stupid. The one chord breakdowns, growls, and slowed down karate-mosh passages could be completely avoided for a more melodic, and more importantly, more dynamically flowing sound. At the moment the metalcore passages serve no purpose other than to appeal to a textbook scene fan base. This doesn't work very well for ADTR, so predictably it doesn't do so here either. But if you're able to oversee the few brutal sections they add in, then "Yours To Take" is impossibly catchy at times.


Download: This Is Love, Miserable, Been Through Hell, Last Man Alive
For the fans of: A Day To Remember, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
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Release date 09.07.2013
Victory Records

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