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Written by: SC on 14/08/2013 20:46:18

Since 1989 Gothenburg, Sweden-based Dark Tranquillity been around delivering melodic death metal to the masses. Despite the band's name there has not been much tranquillity to their productivity. During their 24 year career, the band has released nothing less than ten full-length records. Despite their rather impressive discography their new album "Construct" is my first acquaintance with them, and I must say that I am not totally convinced. With this already stressed though there are still loads of quite exciting moments. Songs like the dark “Apathetic” and the metalcore inspired “Endtime Hearts” are some of the best songs in my opinion, because of a more focused and better functioning track-writing and some quite delicious guitar riffs.

Opening track “For Broken Words” is a sallow track with fast guitars and drums and loads of dark and pompous synths combined with lead singer Mikael Stanne’s wheezing growls, which characterises the general soundscape of “Construct”. This atmosphere reminds me of a Transylvanian scenery on Count Dracula’s castle with long dark corridors and loads of squealing bats, but not a convincing version. It is more like a haunted house version in a theme park and that is why the horror never really gets it's grip on you. One of the reasons for this can be found on the track “The Silence In Between” where the main guitar riff could just as well have been on an Editors record and is way too jolly to fit the rest of the expression. The riff is cool though, but it just doesn'tfit in. Unfortunately instances like this pop up once in a while and it makes the soundscape a bit silly.

One of the trademarks of Dark Tranquillity is Stanne’s clean singing which occurs a couple of times on “Construct”. He delivers the vocal work quite nice, however, it is so mellow and fragile that it almost blocks the flow when listening to the album from start to the end. All of this criticism is based upon the record as a whole, but if looking on the tracks individually then it is a completely different picture. Many of the songs are rather well-composed and in this context the general quality-bar rises a lot. As a whole however Dark Tranquillity's “Construct” doesn't quite have me convinced, feeling most like a record that's slightly above average without being as exciting as one could have hoped.


Download: Apathetic, Endtime Hearts, The Silence In Between
For The Fans Of: DevilDriver, In Flames, Arch Enemy
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Release Date 12.08.2013
Century Media

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