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Download, now there’s an artist name I’ve been wondering about in my promo queue. As far as I recall, we at rarely dabble with electronic music – so Download’s newest album “LingAM” is by all means the odd one out on my promo list. Bathed in electronic experiments, repetitive beats and a pulsating rhythm basically urging me to dig out some glowsticks, this album shows a side of electronic music in which I have previously been buried quite deep blended with psychedelic experimentation and an aura of randomness to it that is very much reminiscent of acts like Pryapisme.

As the title track opens the album with pulsating beats sounding eerily reminiscent of a modem, I’m already finding myself at an absolute loss as of how to go about this particular album? Where do I start? Well, the echoing sounds and the apparent cacophony of some parts of the track make for interesting listens to be fair, but the mainly instrumental track seems to lose itself in the sheer monotony of its own electronic madness. At every passing minute I’m already feeling that this particular album will be many long listens where I’m bound to be royally confused most of the time, without ever really understand the purpose – nor the relevance of an album like this. - At least not its relevance on

Moving on to “BLOTCH”, the trance elements seem to stir up quite the enthralling beat around me, but once again I have no choice but to make a remark about the utterly insane amount of monotony. This is, to be fair, not the right type of music for me to be sitting here reviewing as I’m fairly certain that music of this sort will always have a tough time when given critique by a dude who likes his psychedelia to be, well, psychedelic rock. However, if I were to take the music for what it could be very suited for, I’d say that many of these explosive rhythms are indeed highly danceable to the point where I, given a certain level of intoxication, might indeed let myself go and have a swing at it.

However, this does not determine its quality, nor does it state a certain amount of relevance for the album, and as time goes on and we move up on the album closer “PiLLAR”, I remember the description that followed the promo when I took it; “total insanity”. - Seems about right at this point, at least to this particular scribe as I’m having an increasingly tough time getting into this album, as well as generally understanding it. As I leave this album behind me, I’m more than fairly certain that I probably won’t dig it out again, despite it having its interesting moments.

Download: BLOTCH
For The Fans Of: Pryapisme, electronic music in general

Release Date 11.06.2013
Metropolis Records

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