The Enemy Within

Written by: SC on 14/08/2013 14:02:28

Immension is a metal quartet from Sheffield, UK that was founded back in 2008 and have now finally got the opportunity to release their four track debut EP called “The Enemy Within”. The soundscape varies in tempo and atmosphere, from quick and angry to slow and more sensitive. Genre-wise I would characterize Immension as a kind of Swedish death thrash. Without sugarcoating it, the reasons for this are a clear inspiration from thrash metal legends Metallica, with long guitar solos and quick, singing riffs, and obvious references to Swedish death metal flagship In Flames and their more crunchy and desperate sound.

Immension actually succeeds at combining these quite big expressions rather well. The band’s sound is crisp and quite well produced. However, while the vocals are one of the main In Flames references, combined with these instrumentals they unfortunately send my thoughts towards bands like Bullet For My Valentine and their type of music, and I am afraid that is just not my cup of tea. And if this was not enough, the fact that the vocals associate to this type of metal affects my overall impression of the soundscape. Because the weak vocals hinder the otherwise great instrumentals, Immension's sound ends up feeling like a bi-product of the music industry, that has no promising future in sight.

The last track “In The Dead Of Winter” however, implements metalcore breakdowns which in their own way boost the sound a bit by adding some edge, and the track ends with an fantastic guitar shredding in best Kirk Hammet style. This last track raises the bar for the overall performance but it never really saves Immension from the problem explained earlier. I actually think it is kind of sad, because the band's instrumental soundscape is surprisingly good, with delicious guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums, yet the vocals turn all of this into a somewhat less enjoyable experience.


Download: The Enemy Within, Forevermore, All That Remains, In The Dead Of Winter
For The Fans Of: Metallica, In Flames, Arch Enemy

Release Date 12.08.2013

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