Full Blast Fuckery

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Let's be honest: with a title like "Full Blast Fuckery" there was never really a shred of doubt that Wilson's sophomore album was going to rock. Neither could it have been ambiguous what sort of stylistic territory the Detroit, MI five-piece reside in, given they look like this, consider that acceptable album art, and dub their songs à la "College Gangbang" and, my personal favorite, "Viking Pussies Fuck Off". But just in case those clues aren't transparent enough for you, Wilson deal the sort of booze drenched, groove laden, blues tinged, uplifting hardcore that bands like Cancer Bats and Every Time I Die have made their staple - and do so wonderfully tongue-in-cheek.

But although the resemblance to Cancer Bats in particular is striking in terms of the choice of riffs deployed by guitarists Jason Spencer and Joel Matthews, and the screaming style of grizzly vocalist Chad Nicefield; there is another aspect to Wilson's music that is most reminiscent of The Damned Things: clean sung, anthemic choruses that sound like pages out of a pop-punk manual. Both of these influences are prominently on display in the opening duo "My Life My Grave", a raucous punk'n'roll banger of the highest calibre, as well as on the raunchy "College Gangbang", the essence of which our photographer Kenny Swan aptly describes as Mötley Crüe being raped by Clutch. "Better Off (Strictly Doods)" is similarly inclined, though it also nods toward A Static Lullaby's "Rattlesnake!" record in its somewhat emo/post-hardcore sounding (and extremely memorable) chorus.

"Full Blast Fuckery" is the quintessential empowering fuck yeah! album, riddled with swagger and positivity throughout. It comes almost invariably with a guarantee of explosive energy and party vibes condensed into easily digestible and voluptuously memorable songs - though I must admit some disappointment at first being provoked and, given my Nordic heritage, insulted so by the title of "Viking Pussies Fuck Off"; then discovering that it is the shortest (clocking in at just 45 seconds) and weakest track on the album, and in fact almost pointless. There isn't much by way of variety across the record save for the occasional stoner passage ("Snake Eyes" and "I Can Beat Your Dad"), but that hardly matters when you experience first-hand the consistency, intoxicating flair and sheer power with which Wilson bang these songs out.

As you may have gathered then, "Full Blast Fuckery" is not exactly brimming with intellectual content; rather, it is an album that needs to be taken in at face value as a shameless, care-free barrage of rock'n'roll infused hardcore that you know is going to be even more appetising in the live setting. Just listen to the absolutely mental discharge of double-pedal backed intensity in "Susan Jane" and your last fragments of skepticism should dissolve. With "Full Blast Fuckery", Wilson have managed to combine all the strength of Cancer Bats and Every Time I Die without any of the weaknesses, to put together an album that rocks and rolls - without pretense - like no tomorrow.

Download: My Life My Grave, Better Off (Strictly Doods), College Gangbang, Susan Jane
For the fans of: A Static Lullaby, Cancer Bats, The Damned Things, Every Time I Die
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Release date 09.07.2013
Easy Killer / Damage Records

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