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Land Of Lions

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The Filaments, who originate from Essex, UK, released a couple of records in the first half of 2000s before disbanding in 2005 due to their vocalist Jon Fawkes emigrating to the US. He has since returned to the band, which is why we're now dissecting their third album "Land Of Lions" here, a fiery blend of punk, hardcore, ska, and reggae. Now if that sounds familiar to you, it's because Rancid have been doing this sort of stuff since the dawn of day, but especially their early 2000s and onwards material resonates throughout "Land Of Lions", with a few nods towards older Against Me!, and even the ragga-metal of Skindred on a few occasions.

Basically, you're dealing with a sound that carries a culturally vibrant sound of London town mixed with international punk influences. "Tomlinson's Ghost", for instance, is a song that both features reggae-style vocals, ska instrumentation, hardcore style vocals, tempo shifts, and a general upbeat party mood throughout, and an irresistible chorus that sticks to your mind instantly. Then immediately after, you're presented with the polar opposite sound in the form of "Tables Turn", a fierce hardcore punk track that races by in breakneck speed and screamed vocals. "Tears Of Essex" then brings in some street punk / Oi! influence into the sound, completing a trio of tracks that basically outline everything Rancid is known for in three tracks.

But despite the parallels, one has to give The Filaments credit for being able to re-create a similarly rowdy and all-over-the-place punk/reggae/ska mixture as Rancid. Few bands are able to combine the original punk rebellion vibes to a party-fueled, upbeat collection of different styles in this way. Just the fact that the band incorporates saloon/Western style piano alongside sexy horn instrumentation on "Tales From The Barside" speaks of complete and thorough understanding of their own soundscape, so the result is a fun, extremely enjoyable punk rock expression. If you think Rancid takes too long in between records, "Land Of Lions" is a great bridge album until the next one from the punk legends.


Download: Tomlinson's Ghost, No Surrender, Tables Turn, Tears Of Essex
For the fans of: Rancid, old Against Me!, Skindred
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Release date 09.03.2013

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