Narcosatanicos EP

Written by: BV on 31/07/2013 19:38:25

Narcosatanicos. Now there’s a saying name, I suppose. Stylistically speaking, Narcosatanicos describe themselves as; “Intense, fucked up psychedelic noise rock collapsing into a distorted, rythmic mindfuck of saxophones, guitars and LSD. Sounding like Brainbombs and Fun House-era Stooges vomiting into filthy amps.”

Surprisingly, as I go through this self-titled EP, the description is unusually accurate as I listen to a track like “Truckstop Prostitute”. This piece of utterly insane acid punk takes cacophony to new levels yet keeps me relatively interested throughout, As the wall of blistering fuzz noises tears its way through my speakers and the blazing riff slowly, but steadily makes its way into my mind in order to achieve something resembling ‘catchiness’ in some unusually incoherent form. As the scarce vocals echo on and the murky and muddy walls of occasionally terrifying sounds blend together to reach a near-epic climax towards the end, I’m feeling kind of violated yet insanely intrigued at the same time.

Noisy as Narcosatanicos are though, they do seem to yearn for something recognizable in the form of their cover of Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” – whilst still adding their own little brand of mayhem to the soundscape. The fuzzy bass and the soundscape in general seems at its most ‘listenable’ at this point, and if I were to actually recommend a track that would indeed be somewhat interesting to fans of ‘non-noisy’ stuff, this would most likely be the track to recommend.

As you might have guessed at this point, Narcosatanicos are absolutely not for sore ears and you shouldn’t be expecting a chill-out session whilst listening to this – neither live, nor on this EP. But if you do fancy some good ol’ cacophony and walls of absolutely mind-numbing fuzz, then step right in – Narcosatanicos are ready to see you now.

Download: Truckstop Prostitute, Ghost Rider
For The Fans Of: Suicide, Spökraket, The Stooges

Release Date 28.06.2013

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