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Drowning Pool could be considered to have rather an odd claim to fame, most notable for their track “Bodies,” which was played in Guantanamo Bay as the theme tune to interrogations, for up to ten days at a time. Whilst a popular track in its own right in the early to mid 2000s, using this track for such a purpose isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the quality of Drowning Pool’s music. Listening to any one track for ten days solid would probably push the sanest of people over the edge, especially if it were one by Justin Bieber.

Following their last release, an eponymous album in 2010, Drowning Pool are back with “Resilience,” their first release with vocalist Jason Moreno, produced by John Feldmann. Formed in Dallas, Texas in 1996, Drowning Pool are now onto their fourth vocalist, with original vocalist Dave Williams having previously passed away. The first single from the latest release “In Memory Of…” was dedicated to one and the same.

Overall, the release may be considered more aggressive than the band’s previous material, having been purported to be primarily a heavy metal album, with post-grunge thrown in for good measure, therefore most definitely not a nu-metal album as most would have expected. Opening track “Anytime Anyplace“ is pretty solid, delivered with a catchy, energetic aggression. The strongest feature of this track and the entirety of the release is immediately evidenced as being Moreno’s vocals. “Die For Nothing” is another of the better tracks, with a sleazy raw sound and gravelly vocals.

Themes of confrontation, resistance and anger are demonstrated on single release “One Finger and a Fist” but this is a poor choice of single and even one of the weaker tracks on the album; quickly becoming repetitive although an extremely in-your-face sort of track. “Digging These Holes” goes back a bit more to Drowning Pool’s nu-metal roots, but as though sprinkled with a small amount of Avenged Sevenfold for good measure. One could suppose that the metalcore sound which Drowning Pool are often purported to have is evidenced by such as similarity.

Party track “Saturday Night” has been described by Revolver Magazine as ‘an awkward attempt at a party song,’ however, the sleazy, angry, raw vocals on this track are not without merit. Following “Low Crawl,” which opens with a riff very in keeping with the nu-metal tradition, the album tails off somewhat into what one might even go as far as to call ‘filler.’ However, it picks up again towards the end. “In Memory Of” is without doubt by far the best track on “Resilience,” with very melodic, bluesy guitars and a sound completely out of keeping with the rest of the release. However, with “Blindfold,” the album returns to the more traditional aggressive style and angry vocals, to which those detained in solitary confinement are no doubt more than accustomed to.


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Release Date 09.04.2013
Eleven Seven Music

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