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Previously known as Future Ghosts before changing their name to Unifier, the Greensboro based quartet specialize in melancholic alternative rock that features subtle punk rock undertones on their debut album "Colorado". Think a halfway point in between Alkaline Trio and Bayside, with a bunch of Anberlin and The Audition influence thrown in for good measure. These Green eyes are also a good match, given how those guys also sound a little bit like Alkaline Trio, though Unifier is nowhere near as bright and joyous in their sound.

Instead, they take a less cheerful alternative rock stance that works well on opener "Crush" and especially on second track "Traps", where the restrained clean singing has hints of Matt Skiba's delivery in it, whilst the guitars go for the bombastic emotionally charged alternative rock of Anberlin at the same time. It has a catchy chorus that sticks to mind straight away, but that's what's lacking on the vast majority of the songs on the record. The songs are too laid back and the tempo too restrained, where it often feels like the album is lacking teeth and edge compared to many of their counterparts. That results into chorus melodies that are either flat or bland, and songs that simply pass by without making much of an impact on the listener. I should know, I've spent weeks with this release trying to figure out what other people like about it so much, but thus far, it feels like a C rated Alkaline Trio (we all know their B-sides are amazing), Bayside, or These Green Eyes.

There are simply other bands doing this style much better than Unifier on "Colorado", which leaves its listener in the cold in terms of memorable melodies. While there are many decent tracks on the record, they are just that, and not much more. "Colorado" lacks the punch of a good Bayside record, and the through and through solid songs of any Alkaline Trio release, instead succumbing to mediocrity where more passion is needed. The production is too clean, the melodies don't stick, and thus the overall impression is rather average.


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For the fans of: Anberlin, Bayside, The Audition, These Green Eyes,
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Release date 12.02.2013
Autumn + Colour / Round Kid Records

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