Opkald Fra Ukendt Etage

Written by: BV on 25/07/2013 14:52:05

Now, I might be overstepping some sort of boundary within our range of coverage here, as the album, ”Opkald Fra Ukendt Etage” by Elevatorfører, is an album that was recorded live in Amager Bio in 2012 and subsequently released via Levitation Records in 2013 – from where I have since been told I should regard it as their debut 'studio' album that was simply recorded live in one take. With this album Elevatorfører seemingly blend their profound love of whimsical psych sounds with rich folk traditions, quirky Danish lyrics and a fictional ‘universe’ crafted around the band itself – explaining why they perform under aliases.

Opening track “Den Magiske Skala” is a nod in the general direction of 60’s psych with bands like Pink Floyd, as the heavy and bluesy guitar parts are often complimented by the nearly circus-sounding Farfisa organ melodies and as simplistic, repetitive and groovy bass-line – not to mention the odd theremin sounds that really seem to shine through on the heavier parts of the track. The vocals aren’t exactly beautifully performed but that neither seems to be important, nor particularly necessary as the raw edge of it all gives the live-recording a spark of authenticity that is often lost when piling on overdubs and doing that 68th retake in the studio. – In other words, this track and the album in general possess a really cool dynamic.

With “Skovtur” as well as “Vertikal Bus” we are treated to lyrics that, apart from being hilariously whimsical, also contain many nods in the general direction of the drug culture revolving around mushrooms like ‘Liberty Cap’ – which is also particularly notable in their frequent use of samples wherein you can hear Danish mushroom expert “Sten Larris” rant about his various facts on this particular mushroom. The soundscape stays true to the aesthetic of whimsical psych-folk as the haunting Farfisa organ dominates with distinct lead-figures whilst the guitars supplement with vibrato-laden chords. – Interestingly enough, as the band finds their place and confidence throughout this album (and performance) the vocal work also seems to improve vastly, which grants the album a tightly knitted, yet free-floating jam atmosphere that suits it particularly well.

The weak point of the album is without a doubt the closing track “Samerens Rejse”, which is essentially a slow and melancholic drone-track that stands as a stark contrast to the whimsical antics of the previous songs. The contrast in itself is nice as a dynamic change but the track is far too long for its own good with too few distinct passages that can grasp the listeners’ attention. It’s a mellow closer but not nearly as memorable as the rest of the otherwise cool album. Still, I’m looking forward to their next release as I’m quite curious about how they will sound in a studio setting.


Download: Ukendt Etage, Vertikal Bus, Den Magiske Skala
For The Fans Of: 60’s Pink Floyd, Steppeulvene, Spids Nøgenhat
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Release Date 25.01.2013
Levitation Records

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