Reign Through Immortality

Written by: MN on 17/07/2013 17:47:35

Canadian Erimha was described to me by my fellow reviewers as symphonic black metal along the lines of Behemoth combined with the ambiance of a Dimmu Borgir record. As some of our dear readers may know, I viciously enjoy most work that contains a pummeling double-pedal, sharp leads and brutally raw and menacing rhythm section. All this combined with mystical undertones, and enough layered dimensions to make the best of anything "blackened" seem more like movements rather than mere "songs". The experience of Erimha is two-fold, on one hand they are complete master's of their respective instruments and execute their art in a seamless production, yet on the other hand, I rarely found myself surprised by their work - At least it doesn't seem to lead me into new places as of yet.

The intro number "Enlightenment" does also foreshadow a promising record with its use of eerie antics and warlike drumming (which would make for a great soundtrack to anything epic) and the follow-up number "Ascetic" does continue to captivate me, a track which is commendable for its choke-hold intensity. "Commendable to Desolation" continues in a similar way, and this is where the predictability starts to set sail, and my hopes of a great record start to lose buoyancy. Luckily, the track "Bewildering Nightmare", which develops in the best new-age black metal fashion, eventually retires the blast beats and allows for a guitar solo that can be clearly appreciated, for the first time on this record. "Metaphysic Countenance" is clearly one of the strongest tracks on the album, the multi-layered athmospherics, as I had hoped, are finally distinguishable. The occasional use of woodwind and brass, as witnessed in the final number "Metempsychosis", a track that is a masterpiece in many aspects, and seems to be leading Erimha in the right direction.

Certain things do bother me about this record. Despite being a genre that normally entails supersonic riffage and drumming, it does at times seem rushed, and one could hope the band would occasionally allow their songs to marinate a little longer and vary the tempo, like they did with their final number. So although this album has failed to completely embrace me, perhaps it's a question of development in a band that is still sculpting their own unique sound.

Download: The Ritual OF Internicion, Bewildering Nightmare, Metempsychosis
For The Fans Of: Rotting Christ, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth

Release Date 09.07.2013
Victory Records

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